Financial Management

SetsMol doesn't focus on the same customers as regular financial management companies, but on those who are currently not credit worthy

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Empower your financial freedom

At SetsMol, we offer unique wellness programs aimed at helping people regain positive credit profiles through debt rescue.

SetsMol wants to empower your financial freedom. We believe in creating a better South Africa for all by educating individuals on how to responsibly work within their budget to improve their lives.

We believe this begins by addressing the nationwide problem of being blacklisted. We provide educational solutions to repair and sustain your credit profile. With SetsMol, you will get the extra guidance you need to reduce your debt and grow your financial gains.

Setsmol is a highly-accredited training company, providing accessible courses in financial management, specialising in educating blacklisted individuals on improving their credit profiles to successfully apply for home loans and practical management of their finances, thus creating a culture of financial responsibility that would result in an improved quality of life for all South Africans.

Our offerings include

Borrower Education

The programme educates approved home loans applicants about their financial obligations.  The goal of this programme is risk mitigation as it promotes responsible financial behaviour and attitudes that helps to minimise the risk of defaults by prioritising bond repayments. We provide essential knowledge and skills in managing housing finances to make sure individuals do not default on their monthly bond payments.

Credit Literacy and Wellness Initiative

An innovative solution to promote creditworthiness. This programme will teach you how to improve your credit rating and your budget. You will gain practical knowledge on how credit scores are derived and specific strategies to improve disposable income and eliminating over indebtedness.  We will teach you how to create positive credit and remove of negative entries on your credit reports to positively impact your financial opportunities. The goal is to educate individuals and organisation and share targeted resources for rapid affordability and credit improvement. This results in credit applications being approved to qualify for a home loan, car loan, furniture and more.