eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom.

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Why Choose SetsMol e-Learning?

Training technology that upskills your knowledge with the world’s most efficient form of learning!

e-Learning allows the organization, level of atomization and administration to be aligned with the needs of the clients and employees. The use of online classrooms reduces costs most of all in cases where on many occasions clients have needed to travel for training sessions and stay in hotels or BNB’s. Thanks to LMS, our clients can save on costs which they can then allocate to other resources. Online classrooms allow the simultaneous training of people studying from different geographical locations, and these courses can then be used again and again with new groups of learners. Other advantages include;

  • Efficient Management
  • Easy -to – Access information
  • Up to date and immediate content
  • Multimedia learning
  • and Improved Communication to name a few