Welcome to SetsMol

Together, Shaping Tomorrow

SetsMol is a proudly South African company with over 30 years of combined experience in providing comprehensive training in Financial Management and Property Ownership to individuals and personnel within organisations. We are a trustworthy guide towards the sustainable improvement of quality of life for South Africans.

At SetsMol we believe that through comprehensive education, individuals can obtain financial freedom. This belief is founded on the principles of democracy, which grants everybody the right to better education. We specialise in assisting those who are blacklisted with practical training and knowledge to understand and unlock their financial management abilities.

As a leading housing education provider since 2002, we have a wealth of experience in providing training courses within the public, private and voluntary sectors. This affords us the ability to design and deliver value-added, affordable training programmes.

Industries that would benefit from SetsMol

Our programmes can be customised to align with individual and business objectives.

  • Banks

  • Conveyancers

  • Credit Provider Institutions

  • Developers

  • Private Sector

  • Housing Role Players

Our Values

SetsMol is a trustworthy financial guide towards a sustainable improvement in the quality of life

Uplift society by reducing debt and empowering individuals to sustainably participate in the economy

Ensure our clients have access to homeownership as a basic human right, as well as the sustainability of this ownership

Enhance economic development and nation building through financial educational empowerment.

Protect our clients from unscrupulous role players

Our Clients

We are accredited by the NCR and CETA and are officially legislated and gazetted by The South African Department Of Human Settlement.
SetsMol also recently received accreditation from The Department of Higher Education and Training.

Our Associations

We are proud to be associated with the Department of Human Settlement, SACE, SAPOA, SAPTA and the Department of Higher Education and Training.