SetsMol is a South African based Housing Education Company.

Our research findings are that rights, contractual obligations, accountability and responsibilities of the prospective property owners are not adequately explained in a way that would demystify the whole scenario which then results in flagrant defaults.

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SetsMol promotes the value of training with our economical, flexible and timely training programmes; fine-tuned and combined to assist individuals and organizations to build competitive advantage and encourage innovation.


Housing Consumer Education Home – Ownership Education Borrower Education Tenant Education / Social Housing Education Needs Analysis / Research and Advice in housing delivery process - Policy


SetsMol is a South African based Housing Education Company. It was conceived out of the observation that most people in South Africa are still in the dark with matters relating to housing due to lack of housing and property ownership knowledge.


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" Thank you so much for your assistance in sorting out my record, very much appreciated!! I made it, I got my kids a home all thanks to you guys. I am approved by FNB at Protea Glen Ext 31 we currently on a stage of registering a stand then they will start with building as soon as I’m registered."


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